An EFP Camera posed in front of The Sentinel, Albert Paley's large form sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Why EFP? In a word, quality.25 Years Experience. Emmy Award Winning Talent. Full Service Production and Post. State of the Art Technologies.

Our quality comes from over 25 years of real experience in a myriad of applications. We're based in Rochester, NY, but our quality is world class-resultant from our videographers having a natural talent for seeing, our editors exhibiting a knack for pacing and flow, and our producers living as story tellers first and foremost.


We believe that our sphere of talented professionals have only begun to see the heights of their abilities. Since EFP is a company that has Emmy Awards--and others!--notched on its belt, our new heights are going to have some truly amazing views!

Videographer Steve DelMonte on the U.S.S. Washington.
"As the pilot of the F-16 let me say you guys did a superb job of filming and editing the HUD and cockpit video to convey the feeling of being in the jet. I honestly think it's the closest thing to being there that I have seen."

Captain Rob Kesterson
17 Fighter Squadron, Shaw AFB

"Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding effort on our behalf during the iCAD shoot in Rochester. I don't often run across people of your talent and commitment, and the final edit definitely reflects those qualities."

Phil Olsman
Executive Producer, Roggin Productions, Inc./NBC

"The commercials were exceptional. Not only was the production compelling and engaging, but you made us all sound great! These ads will go a long way in creating a very special and unique feeling about St. Bonaventure University. Thanks so much for all that you did for us."

Deb Henretta
Group President, Asia - Proctor and Gamble